Hello there
This is a quick update about hairdyeing ! So, I eliminated the red color and bleached those parts of my hair.   I'm kinda surprised how well my hair bleached, I thought it would have ended up being pink or orange, but it's just bit yellowish, which doesn't matter because after christmas I'll dye the blond parts platinum or silver!

A couple of crappy pics to demonstrate:

Have also some good music (I don't want this update to look so empty hah)

I guess I'll update after christmas again. Have nice christmas, everyone!♥



Yea.. a vlog!

I don't even know. Sorry for my shitty english! (lol the bg music isn't even clear, so metioning about it was kinda pointless)

So yeah I went to see Rise of the Guardians (I really do like animations) today, and it was, well, kinda nice. Basic cliche fairytale, but the animation was beautiful, and the movie itself was averagely entertaining. I could rate it 3/5. The Boogeyman was the best haha (and Jack Frost, I don't regret anything)

But yea, please send some suggestions if you have posting ideas :)
Thanks for reading/watching♥



This post will be mostly about shameless materialism (as always). 

Well, first of all, last week I finally dyed my hair red/black ! I've wanted to do it for so long, but when I was underaged I couldn't bc mom didn't allow me to, so now as 18yo. I can do whatever I please!
Kinda shitty pic but yeah:

The red color didn't end up quite as I wished, so I'm going to dye it brighter red as soon as I get money. But in general I like this coloring very much!

Last week also I did some shopping (with mom as a payer haha)
I really needed new pair of boots for winter bc my current ones are starting to fall apart

Skopunkten, about 39€
These are very basic and nice everyday shoes. I also like those studs or whatever they even are. 

I've noticed some time ago that I don't have any shoes for my girlier looks, only pair of high-heels for some "formal" outfits. 

Skopunkten, about 45€
I somedays dress up in girlier way to school, usually when I'm too tired to do my hair (and I just put a wig on) so these are something I can wear casually and at bars for example.

I also found couple of shirts:

Gina Tricot, 14,90€

GT, 29,90€  (it doesn't look very charming in the pic hah)

And also some cheap accessories from GT too:

And now finally something I'm very excited about! I ordered two tops from Sinstar. I've really started to love that brand and these tops are so damn perfect! I love love love them!

the package was so cool also!

I unfortunately don't remember how much they costed :( 

And today I bought the GazettE's new album DIVISION , ah it is so perfect♥

If you were wondering about the title of this post, it's from this song:
y'know red --> my hair, star --> Sinstar haha I'm so clever that it hurts...

But yea I think that was all, thanks for reading and don't forget to add comment ♥



Helloooo and sorry for not blogging in ages!
Some quick summary about my life: My english and swedish finals are luckliy over now and I think I made ok. And ummm I guess all kinds of things have happened (well not really) but I can't recall anything worth writing about. 
But yea here's finally a proper pic of my "new" hair which I've actually had for over month already haha

I haven't even bought new clothes or anything which I could write about.
Dad bought me finally aquarelle pens which he has promised me a long time ago and I absolutely love them! I've done only one drawing with them and it's not even ready yet but whatever :D

yea drew it on wrong kind of paper..

I revieved my old red wig last weekend. It was dead and I really mean DEAD and it was a bitch to get it untangeled. I also cut it because it was originally as long as it reached my knees so.. :D But it ended up looking like this:

Yea sometimes even I look like a normal person (whatever normal even is) :'D
It's still kinda messy, but you should have seen what it looked like before aggressive combing and washing.
(ps if someone is for some reason worrying that I'm changing my style, no worries, I just like to do some other styles once in a while. VK is still my main style)

And once again some random pics:

I love that jacket..

And as you maybe noticed in the pics, I've been really into wearing fake lashes almost every day lately!

Yeah once again nothing important or interesting in this post, sorry.
But thank for reading anyway
and I've gained many new readers thank you ! ♥

Ps. I'm having somekind of sick industrial phase going on wohoo!!



So uh yeah I guess I should update now after a while again.
Well anyway, I at last got my hair cutted and I also dyed it about two weeks ago! 
I wanted to get rid of blonde and went back to brunette. I have two-tone hair now and I used Syoss' hair colors this time because they were cheap (haha) and I believed they still had good quality despite the low price.
I used Dark Brown 3-1 in the bottom and Hazelnut Brown 5-8 on the top of my hair. This was my first time when I dye my hair with two colors by myself and I think I succeeded quite well! Well maybe the dark brown parts are not so visible as I wished but it doesn't really matter.

Sorry I don't have a very good pic of my hair yet (looks kinda shit here and the color doesn't show very well), I'll try to  take a better pic soon :(
Here, have some poopy outfit pics from last week:

Ah sorry, this post is very boring but I don't really feel like writing atm... 
But thanks for reading anyway♥



Yesterday was maybe the most amazing day ever because I was in Lady Gaga's concert (the tour is called Born This Way Ball). And guess what? I got into the Monsterpit!!!
in case you propably don't know what Monsterpit is, it was somekind of special area for those who came early enough and got to the Monsterpit queue or something, I'm not sure how that Monsterpit system worked. But anyway I'm so glad that me and my company got into it. Haha you know I was literally spbbing on sunday night because I was so sure that I wouldn't get into the Monsterpit.
The Monsterpit was that area in "the middle" of the stage.

 I wanted to wear "gagaish" outfit. I pimped one leather jacket of mine and I just got the idea of the outfit out of somewhere, so I wasn't inspired by any particular Gaga's outfit. Well maybe there's a bit of Judas-vibes in that studded cross on the jacket. Almost half of the studs actually fell off, damn.
I didn't have the make up for the outfit yet bc I had to wear this outfit in school bc we left to Helsinki straight from there. So my outfit consisted of that leather jacket which I already metioned, glitter top, minishorts, ripped leggings and black boots. I think my outfit was still bit too boring haha.
I did the make up in the train 'cause it would have been A BIT too radical to wear in school. I was inspired by Born This Way's album cover.
Haha I look like an alien 'cause that makeup didn't include eyebrows :'D
So we arrived to Hartwall Areena about 4pm and we queued for about two hours and it was really boring (but totaly worth it!)
 And then finally at 6pm we got in and maybe at 6:30pm the first warm-up Lady Starlight started to 'play'. Her performance was rather absurd, I was pretty confused :'D
But after Starlight the other warm-up band started to play, and it was The Darkness and it was amazing! I knew only three of their songs (those which they have played on the radio here in Finland) and I've liked those songs so I really enjoyed their show (only minus was Justin Hawkins' Jesus beard which was pretty damn horrible haha) ! Actually I've listened to The Darkness whole day and I'm getting very addicted!
One Way Ticket to Hell is my fav song of The Darkness atm

And then about at 9pm shit started to get real and Gaga started to play! I'm sorry, I really don't know how to say anything smarter than the whole show was so mindblowingly amazing ! I jumped, danced, screamed, sang along and cried like hell, I was in somekind of psychosis during the whole show haha :'D Gaga was so sweet again and I rememberd again why I love her so much. The stage was cool and Gaga's outfits were gorgeous. oh and respect for the amazing dancers too!
I didn't take any pictures 'cause I didn't have my phone or anything with me during the concert so I stole the pics from here !

Too bad that Ididn't have time to buy any merch after the show 'cause we were busy catching the buss :( But I guess memories are more valuable than materia, aren't they.
I came home about at 3am so you can maybe imagine how damn tired I've been today haha

I'm still sobbing because of my massive Lady Gaga feels and I'm really waiting for her new album ARTPOP and for the next tour!
Sorry again for not writing any better post about the concert!
But thank for reading and feel free to comment♥

OH and Ps. This thing was friggin' creepy but cool hahah



Hello everybody and once again sorry for being such a lazy blogger.
Well, summer holiday is over and I've been in school for a week and a half already. This is (if everything goes as planned) my senior year in high school and I have the first two matriculation examinations coming next month and I'm stressing like hell. Tracon is also coming soon and my Sweet Pea cosplay is proceeding pretty well! But yea mostly my life has been as boring as usual and besides Im having horrible hair / style crisis, and that's why this post won't have pics of my face/outfits and so on... Btw I've been thinking about going back to more VK -like style (my main inspiration have been Gyaru-os for a while but I just feel like I can't carry that style out well enough) , so what do you think? Should I?

I've bought some new stuff and I'll tell about theme in this post:

Contact lenses (14,8mm), Cyber Shop, 32€
Yay they're purple. as you can maybe see. I thought about grey lenses first, but then I thought that purple would be nicer color. I like it how these are kinda "natural purple". 

White leather jacket, Gina Tricot, 59,95€
Aaa I love this one so much! I've desired this for very long time and decided to buy this when I still had some birthday money left. These were sold out in both of Tampere's GTs so I had to make my dad order this for me from the webshop haha. 
 As you can see here, the jacket is a bit too short -pretty much like all women's jackets are- for my taste. But it doesn't matter, I love it anyway :)

Sweater, Gina Tricot, 29,95€
I went to look for some new shirts today and I found this one! I think I'd bought some other ones too, but I had limited budget and I also had to buy new pair of black jeans, and this one was my favorite among the shirts I fitted. I really like the print (the "Toxic" part caught my eye haha)

So I guess that was all for now. I'm going to Lady Gaga's concert (The Born This Way ball) on monday (omgomgomgomgom) so I guess I'll update after that again.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to add comment♥



I got this challenge from Momo (thank you!), I've done this already but it's been a while since I did it so I can do it again now. So:

The instructions; Everyone, who gets this challenge, must answer those 11 questions, that the person who gave the challenge has posted in her/his blog. Then you must pick 11 new persons to do this challenge, and link them to your post. Make 11 new questions, that the persons who are challenged must answer. Don't challenge the person, who already challenged you.

1. How would you react if someone you’ve never seen came to talk to you on a street and said s/he read your blog?
- It would be kind of mindblow :D

2. What part of you (physically or mentally) would you like to change in you, if you could choose only one?
- Only one you say... hmm.. at the moment my hair, it's so long and it's almost impossible to be done nicely.

3. Is there something that you REALLY hate so much you can’t stand it?
- Yes of course. I think we all have something like that.

4. The latest thing that made you laugh?
- Some random stuff on Tumblr :'D
5. Is there something (picture, song, poem etc) that makes you cry or laugh every time you see/hear it?
 - Yes, but I really can't recall anything like that right now.

6. If you had to change your haircolour, what colour would you choose?
- Bright red, but I think it'd be maybe a bit too radical, so I'll say somekind of multitoned brown.

7. What would you do if one of your favourite band’s members came to talk to you and said that you’re exactly his/hers type?
- I would die.

8. Your ideal person (describe by few words)
- Err..... Reita :------D

9. Would you rather live in a big or small city (or in landscape?)
- Big city! I could never live in countryside.
10. Chips or candy?

11. Is there something that you adore but never could do yourself? 
- Hmm well yes, I guess.  (haha sorry my answers are so dull)
Born to be bad and won't tag anyone or anything hoho.

Some herpy-derpy pics to the end again:
 Went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man with Anniina on saturday. The movie was pretty amazing, as its title says !

Flashy-lasy, something maybe a bit too random haha. This is from monday.

Also from monday, chillin' @ Koskenranta with Essi, Nina and Rogu !

So yeah, very random post once again, BUT I thinki I'm going to buy some stuff tomorrow so I'll blog about those later. Thanks for reading!♥



Hello! It's been a while again since I last updated, my life is still kinda blank. Lately I've mostly drank with friends (because I CAN now since I'm 18 yay!) and just lagged. I've proceeded with my Sweet Pea costume pretty nicely but I think I'm not going to take any WIP pictures.
I'll just post some pics of what has happened lately:

On my bday with friends before we went to bar, my and Pedro's gay drinks!

21th July Anniina took me to see The Dark Knight Rises as my bday present, and oh my god that movie was awesome!! I just love Batman..♥

Some boring casual face pics (sorry these all are straight from my Instagram again...)

Today I went to Särkänniemi's zoo with mom and my sister & her 1-year-old son. I just love animals so much that I want to visit there at least once in a summer! We went there very early and I looked very herpy-derpy so I don't have pic of today's face/look haha.
Some pics I took:

So I think I have nothing else to blog about.
I'd really appriciate some posting ideas 'cause I don't have any. Feel free to give suggestions!
Thanks for reading!♥