This post will be mostly about shameless materialism (as always). 

Well, first of all, last week I finally dyed my hair red/black ! I've wanted to do it for so long, but when I was underaged I couldn't bc mom didn't allow me to, so now as 18yo. I can do whatever I please!
Kinda shitty pic but yeah:

The red color didn't end up quite as I wished, so I'm going to dye it brighter red as soon as I get money. But in general I like this coloring very much!

Last week also I did some shopping (with mom as a payer haha)
I really needed new pair of boots for winter bc my current ones are starting to fall apart

Skopunkten, about 39€
These are very basic and nice everyday shoes. I also like those studs or whatever they even are. 

I've noticed some time ago that I don't have any shoes for my girlier looks, only pair of high-heels for some "formal" outfits. 

Skopunkten, about 45€
I somedays dress up in girlier way to school, usually when I'm too tired to do my hair (and I just put a wig on) so these are something I can wear casually and at bars for example.

I also found couple of shirts:

Gina Tricot, 14,90€

GT, 29,90€  (it doesn't look very charming in the pic hah)

And also some cheap accessories from GT too:

And now finally something I'm very excited about! I ordered two tops from Sinstar. I've really started to love that brand and these tops are so damn perfect! I love love love them!

the package was so cool also!

I unfortunately don't remember how much they costed :( 

And today I bought the GazettE's new album DIVISION , ah it is so perfect♥

If you were wondering about the title of this post, it's from this song:
y'know red --> my hair, star --> Sinstar haha I'm so clever that it hurts...

But yea I think that was all, thanks for reading and don't forget to add comment ♥

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  1. yyyyyy noi paidat on liian hienoi ;___; !

  2. I want to go shopping too... ; ;
    Since... 4 or 5 months now...
    Your hair looks really good and I envy you for all the gets.
    Have no time nor enough money lately... D:

    1. awww thank you ♥ hopefully you get to go shopping soon :)

  3. Hello there !

    I just tagged you in this post http://likexaxroyalty.blogspot.fi/2012/11/you-cant-buy-house-in-heaven.html

  4. Kiinostava blogi, sekä myöskin blogin pitäjä! :) Kiva kun pidit twitterissä blogis linkkiä, en olis varmaan muuten eksyny tänne. Mielekästä luettavaa ja seuraamista.

    Hyvät jatkot ! :)

    1. oo kiitoksia kiitoksia, mukavaa jos mun lotinat tääl kiinnostaa :DD

  5. Hei, mahdatkos kuunnella Young Gunsia? (: Olen utelias

    1. eeen, vois toki tsekata millasta settiä se on :)

    2. Tiedäthän että tuo "Bones"-toppi on kyseisen bändin fanipaita? O;

    3. itseasiassa en tienny :'D oon nolo.