I got this challenge from Momo (thank you!), I've done this already but it's been a while since I did it so I can do it again now. So:

The instructions; Everyone, who gets this challenge, must answer those 11 questions, that the person who gave the challenge has posted in her/his blog. Then you must pick 11 new persons to do this challenge, and link them to your post. Make 11 new questions, that the persons who are challenged must answer. Don't challenge the person, who already challenged you.

1. How would you react if someone you’ve never seen came to talk to you on a street and said s/he read your blog?
- It would be kind of mindblow :D

2. What part of you (physically or mentally) would you like to change in you, if you could choose only one?
- Only one you say... hmm.. at the moment my hair, it's so long and it's almost impossible to be done nicely.

3. Is there something that you REALLY hate so much you can’t stand it?
- Yes of course. I think we all have something like that.

4. The latest thing that made you laugh?
- Some random stuff on Tumblr :'D
5. Is there something (picture, song, poem etc) that makes you cry or laugh every time you see/hear it?
 - Yes, but I really can't recall anything like that right now.

6. If you had to change your haircolour, what colour would you choose?
- Bright red, but I think it'd be maybe a bit too radical, so I'll say somekind of multitoned brown.

7. What would you do if one of your favourite band’s members came to talk to you and said that you’re exactly his/hers type?
- I would die.

8. Your ideal person (describe by few words)
- Err..... Reita :------D

9. Would you rather live in a big or small city (or in landscape?)
- Big city! I could never live in countryside.
10. Chips or candy?

11. Is there something that you adore but never could do yourself? 
- Hmm well yes, I guess.  (haha sorry my answers are so dull)
Born to be bad and won't tag anyone or anything hoho.

Some herpy-derpy pics to the end again:
 Went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man with Anniina on saturday. The movie was pretty amazing, as its title says !

Flashy-lasy, something maybe a bit too random haha. This is from monday.

Also from monday, chillin' @ Koskenranta with Essi, Nina and Rogu !

So yeah, very random post once again, BUT I thinki I'm going to buy some stuff tomorrow so I'll blog about those later. Thanks for reading!♥

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  1. I really like reading those question-answer-things.
    I could do this ever and ever again.
    And I feel so close to that 'random picture on tumblr'-answer. xDD

    Well yeah...
    Random-posts are better than no posts and actually quite amusing and nice. (:

    1. hahah glad that you liked this post :D