Helloooo and sorry for not blogging in ages!
Some quick summary about my life: My english and swedish finals are luckliy over now and I think I made ok. And ummm I guess all kinds of things have happened (well not really) but I can't recall anything worth writing about. 
But yea here's finally a proper pic of my "new" hair which I've actually had for over month already haha

I haven't even bought new clothes or anything which I could write about.
Dad bought me finally aquarelle pens which he has promised me a long time ago and I absolutely love them! I've done only one drawing with them and it's not even ready yet but whatever :D

yea drew it on wrong kind of paper..

I revieved my old red wig last weekend. It was dead and I really mean DEAD and it was a bitch to get it untangeled. I also cut it because it was originally as long as it reached my knees so.. :D But it ended up looking like this:

Yea sometimes even I look like a normal person (whatever normal even is) :'D
It's still kinda messy, but you should have seen what it looked like before aggressive combing and washing.
(ps if someone is for some reason worrying that I'm changing my style, no worries, I just like to do some other styles once in a while. VK is still my main style)

And once again some random pics:

I love that jacket..

And as you maybe noticed in the pics, I've been really into wearing fake lashes almost every day lately!

Yeah once again nothing important or interesting in this post, sorry.
But thank for reading anyway
and I've gained many new readers thank you ! ♥

Ps. I'm having somekind of sick industrial phase going on wohoo!!

13 kommenttia:

  1. itken koska näytät aina nii hyvälle, etenkin sun vk lookis ;_;

  2. Really nice hair and make-up!~
    And that blazer is just.. awesomeness. Where'd you get it?


    1. thank you C:
      I bought it from OneWay about year and a half ago !

  3. So woho I wanted to add a comment to your blog for weeks now but I allways only looked because I didn't know what to write... Uhm yeah I don't understand one word expect your post... My mobile phone is kinda lazy to translate the blog-informations ~__~;
    So yeah don't know where to log in haha xD But I'm younayou from instagram ♥(ノ´∀`);;

    I feel kinda stalky >___> but you look so cool and your style is just perfect (~ 3 ~)

    Erw you don't want to give me your wandrobe don't you? :'D In germany everything is sooo boring D: And your outfits are allways so cool... even the ones you discribe as kinda "girly"...

    Uhuh and I love Faber Castell * ~ * I would also like to have so many pins... but they are so expensive~

    Uhm... I think that's it for now |'D Hope my grammar isn't that bad... Oh and sorry for all my smileys... I just don't know how to express my feelings without them. :'D
    Uh well so I wish you a nice week~

    Youna | Svea

    1. aww thank you so much♥
      haha you should see finland, i'd give anything to live in germany. i really like that country C:

  4. (Okay somehow I logged in |'D haha...)

  5. se on kiva kun toiset osaa piirtää! vois kyllä itekin kokeilla taas joskus, osaanko enää yhtään mitään :D

    1. äsdfg kiitos C: se on kyl jäätävä tunne kun ei oo piirtäny aikoihin ja sit kun yrittää nii tulee semmosia hienoja pääjalkasia :D

  6. Naaw, oot hyvä piirtäääään ! Ja nätti tyttö jajaja kiiiiva blogi :3

  7. Toi musa (Nachtmahr & Grendel) on muuten EBM:ää :) Electronic Body Music. En viilaa pilkkuu, vaan helpotan jos tahot löytää lisää tuot musaa niin tuolla genre-nimel löytyy ;) Aggrotech on siitä vähän raskaampaa ja dark-electro -nimel löytyy kans :)

    Itte kuuntelen reippaamminkin (lähes ainoastaan) sitä, niin tullt melko tutuksi :D :)

    1. aaa aivan, kiitos selvennyksestä! :D