A quick post about some new stuff I've bought because I have nothing else to blog about surprise surprise

the GazettE is seriously the only band in the world from which I buy albums/dvds and such. Decided to add these babies into my collection.

Tokyo Dome live DVD and TOXIC

I also finally got my pair of pink Dr.Martneses!! I've drooled over these for at least a year and now they are mine ♥

Latest get is two pair of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. My brown lenses had got old and I've lost my violet ones (don't ask how, I don't even know) so I really needed new ones, and because you can get quality lenses from Pinky Paradise for about 20e/pair I decided to buy two pairs.

Brown lenses are very basic must-have, and I wanted to try something new and bought pair of blue lenses. Both lenses are 15mm.

I guess I have nothing else to tell about this time. I'll end this post with my face, beware!

See, there's the new blue lenses :)
So, thank you for reading! Comments are very welcome. Post suggestions are even more welcome ♥

Ps. I bought also Xbox 360 couple of weeks ago and Fallout 3! Oh god I love that game! Oh, the title of this post refers to it hehe