Yea.. a vlog!

I don't even know. Sorry for my shitty english! (lol the bg music isn't even clear, so metioning about it was kinda pointless)

So yeah I went to see Rise of the Guardians (I really do like animations) today, and it was, well, kinda nice. Basic cliche fairytale, but the animation was beautiful, and the movie itself was averagely entertaining. I could rate it 3/5. The Boogeyman was the best haha (and Jack Frost, I don't regret anything)

But yea, please send some suggestions if you have posting ideas :)
Thanks for reading/watching♥

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  1. I want to watch the Rise of the Guadrians too.
    I utterly love animation movies! Are you planning to watch Wreck it Ralph as well?
    I'm sure it is some kind of must-watch for gambling people. (;

    Any suggestions...?
    Eeeh... what about Christmas?
    Do you already feel like Christmas and all this stuff? I got asked this a lot lately...

    Just one more thing: I have some kinda weak point for your voice. It's really kinda... sexy. ;]

    1. I actually haven't even heard about Wreck it Ralph :o
      hmm i will think about that!
      haha really? that's cool xD ♥

  2. Nyuhu ♥
    Okay ahaha I have heard...maybe three words you said and I was like: Oh. My. God! Your Voice is sooo cool and sexy Q 3 Q;
    Marry me?

    Okay... now... I hope I'll hear what you say lol :9

    (+ your smile is so sweet omg! You should smile all day and this would would be the best place in this universe * ~ * Haha now I have a crush on you >'D Oh but I'm listening! But your smile vjdwivn!)

    I don't know what to saaaay because I don't know you in person (but I'd love to > 3 <;) and I don't know your friends so uhm yeah...
    BUT I'd love to know what places you like :D In your town or maybe in other countries * ~ * Because Places tell so much about people ♥

    So uhm yeah Love from Germany ♥

    1. asdgjhk thank you, you're so sweet C: ♥
      oh, that's a good idea! i could do a post like that, thanks for the idea :)

  3. kannattaako ton leffan näkemisestä sun mielestä maksaa vai oottaa et näkee dvd:ltä? :--DD

    1. hmm no jos on tämmönen animaatiohomo niinku mä joka kuolaa kaunista animaatioo ja hienoja 3d efektejä nii sit kannattaa mennä kattoon, mut muuten ei :D