Hello everybody and once again sorry for being such a lazy blogger.
Well, summer holiday is over and I've been in school for a week and a half already. This is (if everything goes as planned) my senior year in high school and I have the first two matriculation examinations coming next month and I'm stressing like hell. Tracon is also coming soon and my Sweet Pea cosplay is proceeding pretty well! But yea mostly my life has been as boring as usual and besides Im having horrible hair / style crisis, and that's why this post won't have pics of my face/outfits and so on... Btw I've been thinking about going back to more VK -like style (my main inspiration have been Gyaru-os for a while but I just feel like I can't carry that style out well enough) , so what do you think? Should I?

I've bought some new stuff and I'll tell about theme in this post:

Contact lenses (14,8mm), Cyber Shop, 32€
Yay they're purple. as you can maybe see. I thought about grey lenses first, but then I thought that purple would be nicer color. I like it how these are kinda "natural purple". 

White leather jacket, Gina Tricot, 59,95€
Aaa I love this one so much! I've desired this for very long time and decided to buy this when I still had some birthday money left. These were sold out in both of Tampere's GTs so I had to make my dad order this for me from the webshop haha. 
 As you can see here, the jacket is a bit too short -pretty much like all women's jackets are- for my taste. But it doesn't matter, I love it anyway :)

Sweater, Gina Tricot, 29,95€
I went to look for some new shirts today and I found this one! I think I'd bought some other ones too, but I had limited budget and I also had to buy new pair of black jeans, and this one was my favorite among the shirts I fitted. I really like the print (the "Toxic" part caught my eye haha)

So I guess that was all for now. I'm going to Lady Gaga's concert (The Born This Way ball) on monday (omgomgomgomgom) so I guess I'll update after that again.
Thanks for reading and don't forget to add comment♥

7 kommenttia:

  1. Jee, sustakin kuulee taas! <3

    Sitten traconista kysymys, pakko varmistaa, jos sut näkee siellä jossai, niin voiko tulla moikkaamaan? :3
    VK-tyylille sanon kyllä, näytät upeelta ja vielä se että ihanat noi piilarit.
    Sori random sekava kommentti xD

    1. Joo tottakai saa! :) saatan vaan vähän derpata kun mun naamamuisti joskus vähän lagailee nii älä loukkaannu jos en ihan heti tajua kuka oot jos tuut moikkaan !
      äää kiitos paljon♥
      haha ei mitää, kaikki kommentit on tervetulleita! :D

  2. I'm actually not the right person for answering your style crisis... or... maybe I am. xD
    I dunno. I like both Visual Kei and gyaru-o and if you feel more comfortable in visual kei I'd say - go with this! Because first priority should ALWAYS be, that you feel good in the way you are :)

    Good luck with your test and exams and everyting in your last school year. Appreciate it... really! I really started missing school now where I wait for October (when university starts) to come! xD
    ... and have a nice concert on Monday ! :D

    1. hehe i was just curious to hear people's opinion 8)
      thank you! and yes, I will totally have nice concert :D

  3. Do what you want, don't let others judge over you
    If you don't feel comfortable enough in Gyaru-o start with VK again
    Just do what pleases you, it's your body and your life
    But I think Gyaru-o suits you very well! I love your style and your hair how it is since you're very unique.
    Just be happy!

  4. voi vitsit, et usko miten kauan oon haaveillu valkosesta nahkatakista! tän ikuisen nuukuuskriisin kanssa en vaan oo ostanut :DD

    1. valkoset nahkatakit on kyl kivoja mut arvaa kui oon paiseis ton kaa etten sotke sitä mihkää :----D