So, here's the new vlog! 
Sorry for my horrible grammar and pronouncing (ihana suomalainen junttiaksentti saatana), and stuttering... I'm also swinging like windmill all the time, I was so nervous :'D

So the G&A translation here:
1. What's your favorite Tim Burton movie?
- It's kinda hard to pick up just one, I like the old ones eg. Edward Scissorhands blablabla, I like them all except for Alice in Wonderland which I disliked.

2. Would you like to attend in Burton's film yourself?
Haha yeah, that would be cool!

3. Are you easy to get to know with?
- I dunno, maybe yes eventhough I'm awkward and silent with new persons.

4. -this question was very long and it was about how would I react if someone came to say hi on the streerts and wanted to go to coffee with me etc.-
- My first reaction would be kinda surprised, but in positive way!

5. Do you and your friends have movienights?
- Very rarely.

6. Your fav alcoholic drink?
- Liqueurs and whatever tastes good! And is cheap.

7. Will you go to bars when you turn 18?
- Yea, if In feel like it, and if I have money.

8. Sexual orientation?
- Pansexual = boys, girls and all things in between.

9. Does boy/girlfriends style matter?
Yes it does in some ways. Y'know the style has to look good on him/her and stuff. So I don't have any special style genres which I only like.

10. What style pleases your eye on the other person the most?
- I think i kinda answered to this in the last question.

11. What do you think of gyarus?
-Well they are cute, but the gyaru community is horrible!

12. Do you play some instrument or do you sing?
-Not anymore, I used to play piano and later violin, but I got fed up with both of them. And yes I sing home alone :D

13. If you had to choose, anime or manga?
I'm not into either of them that much anymore, but I'd say manga 'cause the stories are usually better in them.

14. Coffee or tea?
- Coffee!! I hate tea! It just tastes so horrible.

15. Ice cream or cake?
- Ice cream because I only like certain type of cakes.

16. Strawberry or rasberry?
- Strawberry, 'cause rasberries seeds get stuck into teeth!

17. What's your fav color?
- Black, gold, silver, white

18. Tell me couple of your nicknames and who use them?
- I don't have that much nicknames, but my school mates call me Elmo.

19. Can one come to talk to you if one sees you somewhere?
- Yes, of course! :)

20. Are you very social or quiet with new people?
- Kinda quiet at first, but when I get to know someone better, I talk more.

21. Single or taken?
- Single, forvere alone.

22. Name few fandoms you are in?
- I don't know am I in any fandom. I might be in Gazette fandom, eventhough the people mostly suck there, you know this lates Aoi "crisis". So I dunno, I am "secretly" member of gazette fandom.

23. Have you watched Sengoku Basara?
- Hmm nope, or I don't remember watching it ever!



Joo moi anteeks tää postaus tulee melkein viikon myöhässä. Oon vähän laiskotellut ja nyt vasta sain aikaseksi tulla postaamaan. Mutta tosiaan viime perjantaina kävin Anniinan kanssa katsomassa Dark Shadowsin ensi-illassa!
Sorry this post comes almost a week late, I've been lazy... But yeah I went to see Dark Shadows with Anniina last friday!
Leffa kyllä täytti omat odotukset ja ehkä jopa vähän ylittikin ne. Dark Shadows oli jo lähempänä Burtonin tasoa kuin Liisa Ihmemmaassa joka omasta mielestä floppas aika pahasti. DS ei tietenkään yllä Burtonin vanhojen elokuvien tasolle, mutta tykkäsin silti paljon!
 The movie filled my expectations and was closer to Burton's usual quality than Alice in Wonderland which flopped. Dark Shadows didn't reach Burton's older movies' grade, but I still enjoyed it a lot!

Shit-quality pics from friday:
had to be censored

Couple of outfit pics from this week

Made sushi yesterday

Tänään kun on kerta vapaapäivä niin on ollut vähän tylsää, joten päätin ruveta leikkimään vähän meikeillä ja peruukeilla. Tein Angelique Bouchardista inspiroituneen lookin (joka on siis se noita Dark Shadowsissa). Meikistä ei ihan tullut semmonen kuin piti, mutta toivottavasti siitä tuli edes vähän tunnistettava?
Today I was bored to death, so I started to play with makeup and wigs. I did a Angelique Bouchard inspired look (she is the witch in Dark Shadows). The makeuo didn't end up quite as planned but hopefully this is at last a bit recognizable?

So that was all this time
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Guten abend
Ohhoh yritän tiivistää tähän postaukseen mun olemattomat viimeaikaset tapahtumat. En ihan oikeesti oo tehny lähestulkoon mitään muutakun nolifettanu himassa, ei kyllä toisaalta oo huvittanukaan mitään tehdä. MUTTA:
Maanantaina oli vappuaatto ja sitä tuli vietettyä koskenrannassa. En muistanu tänäkään vuonna ottaa vappu-lookista kuvia. Vapusta ei oikeestaan muutenkaan ole mitään ihmeellisempää kerrottavaa.
Lately I've done absolutely nothing, just being a nolife at home. I actually haven't felt like doing anything to be true.. BUT: On monday I celebrated mayday with my friends on 'koskenranta'. Again this year I forgot to take pics of my look of that day. I have nothing much to be told about mayday actually.

 Tänään oli sitten tosiaan Tampere Kuplii. Olin ekaa kertaa conissa (jota kuplii ei edes ole) ilman cossia, väänsin vaan jonkun epämääräsen Visual Kei lookin ja loppujenlopulta näytinkin ihan joltai satanistikultin johtajalta haha. Oli vähän urpo olo muutenkin siinä kostyymissä, tunsin itteni ihan sirkuspellen näköseks, lienikö tää ajatus vaan mun päässä vai... Meininki kupliissa oli kaikenkaikkiaan aika lame, porukkaa oli vähän eikä mitään oikeestaan tapahtunut.
And so, today I went to Tampere Kuplii. This was my first time to go to convention without wearing cosplay, I just wore somekind of Visual Kei wannabe style, and I ended up looking like a satanistic cult's leader haha. I overall felt like total ass in that outfit, I got a feeling that I looked like a clown. Wondering was that only in my head or... Anyway, Kuplii was kinda lame. There was very littlebit of people and nothing happened there.
 Poopy pic of face from today
Even poopier pic of the outfit.
Hanged out mostly with my babygirl Anniina♥
I also met Rogu quickly before I left home !

Some random pics from recent days:
 This is from week or two ago, when we went to see a movie with history course and that movie was deadly boring.
 From thursday. I love those new jeans, too bad that they are a bit too big for me and thay make my thighs look enormously wide 8(
Also from thursday, being active on english lesson.

Lately I've been listening to abosolutely nothing but Rammstein! That shit is epic!

Eipä sitten kai muuta. Pahoittelut kun tää blogi kärsii vähän jotain inflaatiota, ehkä mä hankin joku päivä elämän ja saan jotain blogattavaa.
Yea I guess that was all. Sorry that my blog is kinda dead, I try to get a life somaday and then I'll have something to blog about.
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PS. I'm still waiting for those VLOG suggestions...