So uh yeah I guess I should update now after a while again.
Well anyway, I at last got my hair cutted and I also dyed it about two weeks ago! 
I wanted to get rid of blonde and went back to brunette. I have two-tone hair now and I used Syoss' hair colors this time because they were cheap (haha) and I believed they still had good quality despite the low price.
I used Dark Brown 3-1 in the bottom and Hazelnut Brown 5-8 on the top of my hair. This was my first time when I dye my hair with two colors by myself and I think I succeeded quite well! Well maybe the dark brown parts are not so visible as I wished but it doesn't really matter.

Sorry I don't have a very good pic of my hair yet (looks kinda shit here and the color doesn't show very well), I'll try to  take a better pic soon :(
Here, have some poopy outfit pics from last week:

Ah sorry, this post is very boring but I don't really feel like writing atm... 
But thanks for reading anyway♥