Hello there
This is a quick update about hairdyeing ! So, I eliminated the red color and bleached those parts of my hair.   I'm kinda surprised how well my hair bleached, I thought it would have ended up being pink or orange, but it's just bit yellowish, which doesn't matter because after christmas I'll dye the blond parts platinum or silver!

A couple of crappy pics to demonstrate:

Have also some good music (I don't want this update to look so empty hah)

I guess I'll update after christmas again. Have nice christmas, everyone!♥



Yea.. a vlog!

I don't even know. Sorry for my shitty english! (lol the bg music isn't even clear, so metioning about it was kinda pointless)

So yeah I went to see Rise of the Guardians (I really do like animations) today, and it was, well, kinda nice. Basic cliche fairytale, but the animation was beautiful, and the movie itself was averagely entertaining. I could rate it 3/5. The Boogeyman was the best haha (and Jack Frost, I don't regret anything)

But yea, please send some suggestions if you have posting ideas :)
Thanks for reading/watching♥