Ahoy there mateys
Sorry I haven't blogged much, mainly because my life is boring and has lately consisted of laying on the sofa and watching Supernatural which is my new love.
But today I actually left the house and went shopping with  Anniina. I bought some random little stuff and here's some pics and blabbering about them:
Sunglasses, 10€, Cybershop
I fell in love with that chain thing, it's awesome.
Bracelet/ring thing, original price 12,95€ but got this with about 3€ bc it was on sale, Gina Tricot
I just had to buy this bc it was so cheap! I think I've looked at this before but didn't want to buy it earlier 'cause the original price is kinda high for a accessory. I also bought a new black eyeshadow from GT but I don't think anyone finds it rather interesting so that's why I didn't take a pic of it. The eyeshadow costed only 3,95€ and seems to be pretty good quality.

Anniina was too sweet again and gave me some stuff for free, I'm so thankfull boohoo ♥
8 pairs of fake lashes! They're so pretty! I was talking about how I should get some lashes bc I want to do my makeup like Akinari, so now I need to get only some lower lashes. 
I have only one chain and I've been thinking that I should get some other one too, but now I don't have to 'cause my dear Anniina was so sweet and also gave me this. Haha I feel like a horrible bum when she just gives me stuff!

And at the end some pics from today:
Basic boring outfit pic (lol straight from my Instagram)
With Anniina ♥
Anniina took this pic :) props to her

So thanks for reading, comments are very welcome♥

Ps. I'm superhyperdyper excited 'cause I have birthday on this friday and I'll turn 18! Oh god I can't wait!

8 kommenttia:

  1. hahah my derping eye :'DDDDDD

  2. Could I ask you how you get your hair to look that awesome?
    I always have problems to select single strands and to let them look so defined
    I just love your style!

    1. hmm how should I explain it to make it understandable... well I seperate single strands of my hair with my fingers and straightenin iron and then use hairspray and backcombing. Hopefully this helped you even a bit :)
      And thank you so much!

  3. Sulla on niin kivat reidet.. ;o;

    +nuo lasit ja käsijuttu, aaaaaaaa kuolaan ! *-*

  4. Really nice gets and I know that awkward feeling when others present stuff to you without reason. I always feel gulty then.
    I really, really like your new profile photo (the first one at the right sidebar) and your hair color looks gorgeous on this entry's photos (especially in the last one). It just hit me that badly when I looked through them now that I felt the burning urge to tell!
    Love it, haha. ♥