A quick post about some new stuff I've bought because I have nothing else to blog about surprise surprise

the GazettE is seriously the only band in the world from which I buy albums/dvds and such. Decided to add these babies into my collection.

Tokyo Dome live DVD and TOXIC

I also finally got my pair of pink Dr.Martneses!! I've drooled over these for at least a year and now they are mine ♥

Latest get is two pair of circle lenses from Pinky Paradise. My brown lenses had got old and I've lost my violet ones (don't ask how, I don't even know) so I really needed new ones, and because you can get quality lenses from Pinky Paradise for about 20e/pair I decided to buy two pairs.

Brown lenses are very basic must-have, and I wanted to try something new and bought pair of blue lenses. Both lenses are 15mm.

I guess I have nothing else to tell about this time. I'll end this post with my face, beware!

See, there's the new blue lenses :)
So, thank you for reading! Comments are very welcome. Post suggestions are even more welcome ♥

Ps. I bought also Xbox 360 couple of weeks ago and Fallout 3! Oh god I love that game! Oh, the title of this post refers to it hehe



*basic apology for not blogging*
...Yeah it has been a small eternity since I updated. I've just had huge lack of inspiration for blogging.

But let's see what has happened in my life.... nothing much? I graduated from high school and didn't get any studying place but blahblah enough of that subject. 

Maybe something worth blogging would be that I dyed my hair. Pink this time. Koichi inspired. Yay! 

boo sorry pretty crappy pic

But yeah I have nothing else to say, this update was somekind of sign of life.
I will try to  update more often from now on.

Thanks for reading



I've been planning to blog for over a week but I've been lazyass and haven't managed to do it.
So anyway, last weekend (23.-24.3.) I went just to chill to Tampere Kuplii. The event itself is boring as balls, but I had fun with my friends, yay!
On saturday I bothered to do my hair and makeup properly but on sunday I went there looking like a hobo. 
Outfit of saturday and some face-pics:

Sorry that's kinda crappy pic...

And I got my first BLACKMORAL thing!!  Ansku was such a sweetheart and sold me this! I'm so happy!

And as you might already know, the GazettE is having a world tour this year and the final is in Helsinki, Finland!!! I'm so excited and I still can't believe that it's really happening! I'm going to see my fav band !! Ermahgerd!
We celebrated that with friends on saturday, and I had lots of fun. (my tweets were probably rather interesting that night) ´. I don't really have pics from that night. But yeah, I had fun! Biggu maccu and wiggly french fry... HMM

But yeah my finals are over and next week my highschool will also basically end. Yahoo!
But I guess that was all this time.
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I decided to make a quick video post. I made it in finnish because my english is beyond awkward, it's just random blabbering about random stuff.

(sori kuulostan semivittuuntuneelta koska yritin puhuu suhteellisen hiljaa :'D )

And yeah, I went shopping on saturday, because I'd gotten money from my grandpa, I needed some new clothes and I wanted to leave the house for a while. Found some nice stuff:

Top, H&M, 9,95€
I fell in love with that print instantly! I didn't precisely need new tops but it was so cheap, so what the heck! I guess you can't have too many tops.

Knitwear, H&M, 24,95€
I didn't actually have almost any proper knitwears or long sleeved shirts so I needed one. I think this one was kinda adorable in some way... are those like crosses or " + " signs, I don't know :'D I like it anyway!

"Leather" jeans, GinaTricot, 29,95€  15€
(sorry they look damn horrible in the pic) My old "leather pants" are pretty much dead so I needed a new pair. These aren't entirely leather like material, they are normal black jeans in the back and leatherish in the front. I didn't even know that there was a sale going on in Gina and I found these in 50% off section. Too bad that they are a bit too big (my normal jean size is 27 and these are 29) but they weren't too big and I guess it doesn't look bothering. 

So yeah, I have nothing else to blog about right now. I'll have to go to study some history now because the final exam is on wednesday, boo.
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Wohoo an update again, a quick one
So, I was dyeing my hair on tuesday and guess what, it fucking FAILED. Miserably. I wanted to try blueish black instead of normal black, and when i was washing the hairdye away, some blue got mixed with the blonde color. So my blonde parts were basically a mixture of blonde, blue and grey. Damn horrible :'D
Luckily mom gave me money so I could go to buy a new blonde hairdye and I dyed the horrible failure away yesterday and ta-dah, my hair is finally platinum! Yay! I really like the color now :)

So, nothing more this time, tell me what you think or anything in between of heaven and earth!
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Hello there little ones
Miracle has happened and I'm actually updating my blog! Once again, sorry for being so inactive. First of all, have some pics from the end of January because you love my face so much....not! hahah

I bought shitty extensions from Cybershop some time ago. Because they're not real hair and the quality is crap I'm thinking about buying proper extansion as soon as I get enough money, maybe after I (hopefully) graduate.

And this is just a random outfit pic. I was going to drink with friends, I'm too lazy to do my hair and stuff for school and I don't do much anything in my spare time so the days when I have my hair and make up done properly are kinda rare these days. Ps. children, don't wear creepers when there's snow and/or ice outside :'D

So anyhow! Yesterday... or actually thursday because it seems to be saturday there was this finnish upper secondary school tradition called "penkkarit" (I don't know is there any translation for it into english and I'm too lazy to find out). In penkkarit us seniors dress up in somekind of costumes and throw candy for people while driving around the main street of the city center on trucks. (omg what a shitty explanation) Sounds silly but it was a lot of fun!
This video might explain better:

Oh yea students paint those placards (well i didn't, whoops i'm horrible) and the truck I was in had somekind of Hobbit theme with upper secondary school and graduating "jokes". Our school had 4 or 5 trucks, I don't remember.

 (this says something like "three years of adventures and the destination is still unknown" and if you're wondering what that white hat is, we get those when we graduate)
("abiventure" stands for a mixture of finnish word for a senior "abiturientti" and of course "adventure")

My costume didn't fit into the trucks theme but luckily it didn't matter. I tried to create kind of uniform looking outfit and did Rico the Zombie inspired skull make up. I guess I have much nothing more to say about it.

Bwahahaha don't I look just happy and excited here? I actually ran out of time while doing the makeup so it's kinda crappy or at least not as good as I wanted it to be. Oh and my shirt wasn't supposed to show under the jacket, but I didn't notice it when this pic was taken, boo.

After this penkkari stuff we left about at 14.30 o'clock to Helsinki bc we had our senior cruise (yet another finnish tradition). So the whole boat was basically filled with 18-year-olds and the atmosphere was rather interesting and most of all drunken. Haha I admit that I was pretty nicely drunk since I started drinking in the bus on the the way to Helsinki and ended drinking about at 3am. And I ended up sleeping on our cabin's floor in front of the door, so it sums up kinda well the whole night hahah

I had to do my makeup in the bus (which was horrible) and did my hair very quickly, so I wasn't at my best

(too lazy to edit this) After enjoying "few" free drinks at dinner buffet, so pardon me my sligllty drunk face :'D

Friday's mood was very hang-overish (at least for me) and we did some tax free shopping of course!

So, I bought - surprisebuttsex - alcohol! And cigarettes, a carton of usual menthol cigs and one pack of slim "girl's cigs". I have wanted to try Sheridan's for a long time but for reasons or others I've never bought it. It was 11,90€ there so I thought I should buy it now then. That chocolate liqueur seemed good and it was ridiculously cheap, only 3,90€, so I guess i didn't have any other choice. I would've bought more of those Jack Daniel's / cola cans but they were kinda expensive. I assume that Sourz thing tastes pretty much same as De Kuyper's sour apple, so it shold be good, and a liter's bottle can't be a bad thing!

So I guess that was all this time!
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Good...6am boys and girls!
Now as I am fixing my fucked up sleeping schedule with flawless logic, I thought I could as well update my blog!

So, my christmas holiday will be over today and school will continue on monday and I'm not amused. So much stressing shit coming up. My holiday was basically boring as hell, I didn't do pretty much anything. I'll write about some of those very few things that I did and I could show you some of my xmas presents.

Well first of all, on December 28th I finally got a lip piercing! I've wanted to get one for so many years and now I could finally go to get one. Luckily a friend of mine promised to come to keep me company when I'd get pierced, thanks! I seriously love my new piercing!

Some people asked did it hurt to get the piercing. I'd say it didn't precisely _hurt_, but it felt very unpleasant, but it was bearable and the nasty feeling lasted max 3 seconds ! 

On the next day, I dyed my hair again to get rid of the yellow color. I decided to go platinum, but the dyeing didn't do much. Well, my hair isn't yellow anymore, but it isn't platinum either. I still have the other of the two hair masks which were included in that hairdye, hopefully it will bring more platinum color into my hair.

After that was new year's eve. I was pretty sure that I'd stay home because I didn't have any plans or company, and my few last new year's have been horrible, but then Satu and Julia asked me to go to celebrate with them, and so I did! I had fun night, even tho clubbing isn't really my thing (I prefer bars), but this was a best new year in a while without doubt!
My outfit was horribly boring. I wanted to wear something more special but ended up with very common outfit, boo. But love that SinStar top!

lol sorry, too lazy to edit this pic
You can see my current haircolor here. Funny how I always go back to blonde.

And after new year I have done absolutely nothing. Some of my christmas presents came with the post tho! (I "officially" got only money as present but I count the stuff I bought with it as presents)

Visor cap from Restyle

This is one of those things you don't actually need, but you just want to have them. I love uniforms and escpecially visor caps, so of course I needed one myself! My head seems to be a bit too big to that cap tho haha

20-eye Combat boots with  from EMP

I'm seriously in love with these! My legs died tho in the first usage, because it takes time for these kind of boots to "conform" with your feet. And these are heavy as hell! But I still love them!

Yea so my holiday was mostly just lagging at home and wastingmy time. I'm also starting to have somekind of unhealthy addiction to Turmion Kätilöt

But yea that was all, thanks for reading and don't forget to add a comment ♥