*basic apology for not blogging*
...Yeah it has been a small eternity since I updated. I've just had huge lack of inspiration for blogging.

But let's see what has happened in my life.... nothing much? I graduated from high school and didn't get any studying place but blahblah enough of that subject. 

Maybe something worth blogging would be that I dyed my hair. Pink this time. Koichi inspired. Yay! 

boo sorry pretty crappy pic

But yeah I have nothing else to say, this update was somekind of sign of life.
I will try to  update more often from now on.

Thanks for reading

8 kommenttia:

  1. pink looks good on you!

    - I wanted to ask wether its okay for you when I post some of your selfcams in my visual kei blog on tumblr!( Ihttp://vk-on-the-streets.tumblr.com/ ) think you're doing great hairstyles and make ups, vk suits you great indeed. You inspire me , thats why I'm asking.

    1. thank you ♥

      yes of course, i'm really flattered for knowing that i inspire you :)

  2. your hair is AMAZING! It suits you so much! :3

  3. Haa.. I always read your blogposts but never know what to comment D:
    I really should try to get better with this~~

    I´m not sure if you like that kind of stuff but still..
    Here is an blogward for you |D

    1. feel free to comment anything you'd like :)

      oh thank you!