I decided to make a quick video post. I made it in finnish because my english is beyond awkward, it's just random blabbering about random stuff.

(sori kuulostan semivittuuntuneelta koska yritin puhuu suhteellisen hiljaa :'D )

And yeah, I went shopping on saturday, because I'd gotten money from my grandpa, I needed some new clothes and I wanted to leave the house for a while. Found some nice stuff:

Top, H&M, 9,95€
I fell in love with that print instantly! I didn't precisely need new tops but it was so cheap, so what the heck! I guess you can't have too many tops.

Knitwear, H&M, 24,95€
I didn't actually have almost any proper knitwears or long sleeved shirts so I needed one. I think this one was kinda adorable in some way... are those like crosses or " + " signs, I don't know :'D I like it anyway!

"Leather" jeans, GinaTricot, 29,95€  15€
(sorry they look damn horrible in the pic) My old "leather pants" are pretty much dead so I needed a new pair. These aren't entirely leather like material, they are normal black jeans in the back and leatherish in the front. I didn't even know that there was a sale going on in Gina and I found these in 50% off section. Too bad that they are a bit too big (my normal jean size is 27 and these are 29) but they weren't too big and I guess it doesn't look bothering. 

So yeah, I have nothing else to blog about right now. I'll have to go to study some history now because the final exam is on wednesday, boo.
But thank for reading and feel free to leave a comment ♥

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  1. Oli kyl aika epic toi vlog en toki hajonnu paria kertaa.
    (Aika oudon hieno printti kyllä tuos paidas jos kuitenkin jostai H&Mst.)

    1. hahaa mahtavaa jos mun mössötyksessä on jotain viihdearvoo :DD
      ja jeps siel oli yks semmonen osasto missä toikin toppi oli ja siel oli muitaki kivoja printtejä!

  2. mitä kaikkee kirjotit/kirjotat?

    1. syksyllä kirjotin enkun ja ruotsin ja nyt keväällä äikän, hissan ja ussan !

  3. I like the knitwear! Good luck to your final exam! :3 mines are coming soon too >.<

    1. thank you C:
      and thanks! they are luckily over already :) good luck for you too