So now I've returned from Turkey back to Finland, and I had great time there! Our holiday wasn't like a cultular adventure, just relaxing in the same hotel as last year, Limak Atlantis (I'll put these same pics again as last year). and yea the hotel was in Belek.
Hmm so yeah I don't have much to tell about my holiday. Days I spent laying on the beach and nights sippin' Pina Colladas and Sex on the Beaches. 
All in all I had very fun, and there will be one thing that made it so memorable, but I won't tell it here.
Pics I took are kinda boring. I didn't take any outfit pics 'cause -as you can see from the Robo.to gadget- I was girly there and I don't feel like posting pics of that style of mine.
Well some random pics then:
 From Helsinki-Vantaa airport
 Attempt to take a pic of the mountais trough the bus window
 This made me laugh so hard
 View from our room's balcony

Yay, seashell!
 This is from Saturday, when we were riding a bus to the airport. Sunsets were so pretty there!
 Just before lading to Helsinki around 3am. Oh how I hate night flights...

And oh yes, I got my birthday present little earlier yesterday!
Samsung Galaxy SII ! This wasn'a a surprise gift because I had already made a deal with dad that he'll buy me this. Aaa I'm so happy and I love my new phone!!
And btw you can find me from Instagram with username mmusu!

So I guess that was all
Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!♥

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  1. WHAAA~ what a gorgeous and beautiful hotel!! *o* Once I was in Turkey too :) It was great ^-^

    1. yea that hotel is awesome and so is turkey :D

  2. I never was in Turkey but I think I definitely need to go there at least once in life...
    The photos look like out of a travel catalog. Amazing! *.*

    Seeing you this girly (at robo.to) is kinda... unfamiliar...

    Nice new phone btw. :D

    1. yea you should really go there, it's a lot of fun!
      haha well the first 4 pics are from travel catalog, but i think you noticed it, so thank you :'D
      yea i know, it's unfamiliar for me too.
      thanks thanks, i really like it a lot too :D

  3. hahaa joskus pari vuotta sitten join ihan antaumuksella noita frezzoja :D ja vähänkö näyttää ihanalta noi turkin kuvat - voi kun olisin voinu tulla jäniksenä matkalaukkuun :--DDD

    1. ne on iha sika hyviä, mä vetelin niit aina bilsan 2. kurssin tunneilla :'D
      haha tuu ens kesänä jos meen porukoiden kaa :D