So yeah, hello!
Summer vacation started at last this week! I haven't done much anything, except for on tuesday I went to see my dearest and long-timest friend Aino !. We went to flea market to look for stuff. I wanted to buy some high heels for my Turkey holiday 'cause I'm forced going to be girly there and I have only one pair of heels. I found pretty nice  grey ones and they costed 6€. I also bought a belt and later a couple of nailpolishes but I was too lazy to take pics of my new stuff. 
Couple of pics from Coffee House:

I had to put wig on 'cause I overslept and I didn't have time to do my hair :'D It actually looks like hell in this pic, don't mind about it....

Hmm well I don't have  anything else to tell about now. I'll post again when something happens.
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  1. This time your wig looks really like you overslept. But it's OK I guess :D

    I just started envying people for their summer vacation... (no school anymore. q:)

    .... forced to be girly? Why? o:
    Boy-ish style looks so great on you - almost natural. I really, really admire that!
    ... I just realized that I never told you before but you look soo good as 'boy' :) ♥
    (not offensive meant, dear - everything but that!)

    y u k u .

    1. haha yea i know :'D
      well i have somekind of "deal" with my mom that when i go somewhere with here i have to dress up in girly way :P
      and thank you thank you♥