I got this one-way ticket to heaven actually yesterday, but my internet connection was bitching, so I couldn't update. But yeah, I'm so happy that I got the ticket, see you in august Mother Monster♥ Aaa I'm so excited that I can hardly handle it!!!! August, please come soon!
The support acts will be amazing too; The Darkness and Lady Starlight! I'm kinda surprised that very few even know The Darkness, I thought that the band was pretty popular :'D Oh well, I think kinda many has heard even this song from them:

I actually have nothing else to write about right now. Sorry that my updates have been so dull, I haven't even taken pics, 'cause my camera is maybe broken or just too damn ancient, and it doesn't collaborate with me :( 
I'll try to figure out something to blog about....
Well, here's some pretty new drawings of mine (I don't know if you're even interested but these will have to do now). If you wanna see more, check out my deviantArt!
Sorry for the lousy quality, the scanner doesn't like me, or at least my drawings :'D

Well, such a unnecessary posting again, pardon me that..
But thanks for reading♥

4 kommenttia:

  1. I'm not a huge Lady G. fan but I'm happy for you anyway (:
    I'm sure her shows are amazing anyway.
    I'm kinda.. afraid of her I guess but she does pretty nice things anyway...
    I can't describe exactly why I don't like her that much... xX;

    Your drawings are great.
    Especially the first one *-*
    I wish I'd be that talented...maybe I just should draw more often... ~~;

    Oh well...

    Yuku ♥

    1. well everyone can't like her :D
      thank youu♥

  2. Voi hitto nää piirrokset on hienoja :3 Ehkä määkin ny sun innoittamana alan taas vaihteeks uudelleenharjotteleen sitä taitoo :D