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This time I'll write the whole post in english 'cause I'm damn lazyass to write at first in finnish and then de the translations :D Right now I'm having horrbile flu/fever and I'm going to stay home at least tomorrow...
I dyed my hair on monday, 'cause the shade of my hair color was pretty grayish and I wanted a little lighter color. This time I used Garnier's color 'cause I have somekind of L'Oreal -trauma.

 I made a little mistake in choosing this color, because I thought that my hair was darker than it really is (I thought it was like the middle one but it actually is like the one in left), so the difference betweem before and after dyeing is very small, but it's okay 'cause I was happy with my old color, the only problem was that grayishness and now my hair color is more....well errrr, "colorfull".

On tuesday I went to cruise with my mom and dad. but I didn't take my camera there 'cause there was nothing much to take pics or even tell here about. And besides I was wearing girly clothes there and I really had no intention to take pics of outfits like that and put them here. But yeah we were on Silja Europa and we stayed in suite, once again (wannabee egoperseilyä). Yeah, that seatrip was fun but I really don't have anything special to write about that. I didn't even buy anything form there...oh wait, my mom bought me Lady Gaga's The Monster Ball Tour live DVD as nameday present (i think you foreigns don't have namedays, don't you?).

And then on friday we had somekind of own "prom" afterpartys (since nobody of us attented prom, or as we call it "wanhojen tanssit") and it was at the same time Tiina and Petra's 18th birthday parties. We had formal dressing code ('cause I forced them to wanted to have it) and I got inspired by hosts.
(I changed the belt later + I really should buy longer black jacket. This one makes me look fat 'cause it's so short)
Hehee I'm too lazy to list this time where I have bought the clothes and I don't have much to say about this. I had very bad hair day... I don't know was this outfit more formal than usual party look for me, but I kinda liked it anyway.

Also couple of casual looks from this week:

And at the end the main reason why I even did this post (trololo) was this challenge which I saw at candysmilee's/Aino's blog, and since she wrote that anyone who want's to do it cans, I'm doing it. 'Cause I'm bored. I regret nothing.

Question challenge

"The idea of this challenge is that I answer these 11 questions, then make 11 questions of my own and direct them at 11 new people."

1. What is your favorite band/artist called, and why is that band/artist your favorite?
- I have actually 3 bands/artist which are almost equal for me and those are the GazettE, Lady Gaga and The Birthday Massacre. They all have their own special meaning, like GazettE is pretty much flawless in every way, Gaga is big inspiration for me ,and TBM's lyrics are almost like story of my life. All the three are from very differend genres but idgaf, I my music taste is very wide.
2. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever told you?
- Bah, I really don't think about stuff like this... I don't know, maybe someone has said something sweet but I've forced myself to forget it.
3. How would you react if you met your idol?
- I'd propably die :'D
4. If you had promised to cook for your dearest friends, what would you cook and why?
- I would never promise to cook anything for anyone 'cause I hate cooking :'D But if I really had to cook something, then it would be sushi. I've made it couple of times with my dad and it's actually pretty fun ('cause he made most of the things and I was pretty much only standing there and looking lol)
5. What song describes your mood at the moment?
- This:
6. What would your dream date be like?
- Pff oh shit, I really don't care about dating. 
7. If you could travel anywhere, where would you travel?
- Tokyo!
8. What is your favorite movie?
- I don't have any special favorite so I'll list the ones I like very much:
Moulin Rouge!, V for Vendetta, Black Swan, Inception, The Dark Knight, The Phantom of the Opera, Tim Burton's (old) movies, Donnie Darko, Sucker Punch, Kick-Ass, Howl's Moving Castle, Tonari no Totoro, Scott Pilgrim vs the World etc...
9. If you're having a hard time, what helps you?
- Listening to music and being alone for a while. 
10. Who is your favorite actor/actress?
- This is maybe the hardest question ever... but I'd say Natalie Portman and ofc Johnny Depp. 
11. What song brings up happy memories?
- This was the first which popped into my mind ! Memories from The Monster Ball from 2010♥
 Dance in the Dark was the intro song ..

And these are my questions:
 1. What's your earliest childhood memory?
2. What's/Who's your biggest inspiration?
3. The last movie you saw?
4. The song you hate the most?
5. Where would you like to live?
6. What's your dream job?
7. If you won the lottery, what would you buy?
8. What's the best thing in your life?
9. What of the 7 deadly sins is the most like you?
 10. Do you believe in god? Why? Why not?
11. What's ypur biggest dream?

Yeah, even I won't challenge anyone, do this if you please :D

Well, my thing here is done now
Thanks for reading
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  1. Hostot~♥ *w* Okei ne on melko pelottavia välil.... mut joo krhmhm... XD

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    1. ne on one waysta, joskus viime talvena ostin :)