Yesterday was maybe the most amazing day ever because I was in Lady Gaga's concert (the tour is called Born This Way Ball). And guess what? I got into the Monsterpit!!!
in case you propably don't know what Monsterpit is, it was somekind of special area for those who came early enough and got to the Monsterpit queue or something, I'm not sure how that Monsterpit system worked. But anyway I'm so glad that me and my company got into it. Haha you know I was literally spbbing on sunday night because I was so sure that I wouldn't get into the Monsterpit.
The Monsterpit was that area in "the middle" of the stage.

 I wanted to wear "gagaish" outfit. I pimped one leather jacket of mine and I just got the idea of the outfit out of somewhere, so I wasn't inspired by any particular Gaga's outfit. Well maybe there's a bit of Judas-vibes in that studded cross on the jacket. Almost half of the studs actually fell off, damn.
I didn't have the make up for the outfit yet bc I had to wear this outfit in school bc we left to Helsinki straight from there. So my outfit consisted of that leather jacket which I already metioned, glitter top, minishorts, ripped leggings and black boots. I think my outfit was still bit too boring haha.
I did the make up in the train 'cause it would have been A BIT too radical to wear in school. I was inspired by Born This Way's album cover.
Haha I look like an alien 'cause that makeup didn't include eyebrows :'D
So we arrived to Hartwall Areena about 4pm and we queued for about two hours and it was really boring (but totaly worth it!)
 And then finally at 6pm we got in and maybe at 6:30pm the first warm-up Lady Starlight started to 'play'. Her performance was rather absurd, I was pretty confused :'D
But after Starlight the other warm-up band started to play, and it was The Darkness and it was amazing! I knew only three of their songs (those which they have played on the radio here in Finland) and I've liked those songs so I really enjoyed their show (only minus was Justin Hawkins' Jesus beard which was pretty damn horrible haha) ! Actually I've listened to The Darkness whole day and I'm getting very addicted!
One Way Ticket to Hell is my fav song of The Darkness atm

And then about at 9pm shit started to get real and Gaga started to play! I'm sorry, I really don't know how to say anything smarter than the whole show was so mindblowingly amazing ! I jumped, danced, screamed, sang along and cried like hell, I was in somekind of psychosis during the whole show haha :'D Gaga was so sweet again and I rememberd again why I love her so much. The stage was cool and Gaga's outfits were gorgeous. oh and respect for the amazing dancers too!
I didn't take any pictures 'cause I didn't have my phone or anything with me during the concert so I stole the pics from here !

Too bad that Ididn't have time to buy any merch after the show 'cause we were busy catching the buss :( But I guess memories are more valuable than materia, aren't they.
I came home about at 3am so you can maybe imagine how damn tired I've been today haha

I'm still sobbing because of my massive Lady Gaga feels and I'm really waiting for her new album ARTPOP and for the next tour!
Sorry again for not writing any better post about the concert!
But thank for reading and feel free to comment♥

OH and Ps. This thing was friggin' creepy but cool hahah

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  1. toi sun takkis on ihan äly siisti :DD

  2. Sounds like you had a amazing night.
    I'm alway happy reading people enjoyed the concerts they have been to.
    How it fills them with energy and emotions. It's breathtaking & beautiful.
    Music is such a precious thing, isn't it?

    1. yea I totally did! :)
      Music is maybe the most important thing in life for me hehe!

    2. edit: you got tagged, dear (;


  3. Haa kiitos seurasta! :) onko noi kuvat muuten Suomen keikalta vai jostain muualta?

    1. kiitos itselles :D ööää ne oli kai joltai australian keikalta (?)